Postdoctoral Fellow Position in the Jackson Lab – Apply Now!

Come and work with us on an exciting, collaborative project at the Australian National University!

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The ANU Grand Challenge Research Program on Novel Miniaturized Medical Sensor Technology is now advertising Postdoctoral Fellow / Research Fellow positions located each in the Research Schools of Chemistry, Engineering, and Physics to work on the development of novel miniaturized biomedical sensors that can be integrated into wearable and point-of-care devices. These positions will work synergistically with the ANU Grand Challenge team benefitting from the breadth of the research programs and expertise. This project aims to revolutionise personalised medicine by providing new means for non-invasive collection and analysis of health data including the development of miniaturized sensors for detection of biomarkers in multiple sclerosis and diabetes.

The Research School of Chemistry Research Fellow will work in Associate Professor Colin Jackson’s group, and be responsible for design, engineering, and production of proteins as a key component of these biosensors. This could include engineering binding selectivity, optimizing ligand affinity, and chemical modification of the protein to function as part of a complex matrix, such as protein hydrogels.

For more details on how to apply, please follow this link:



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