More Papers in 2016

We published several papers in the second half of 2016. Below is a summary of some of these publications. Congratulations to everyone involved! Elaaf’s paper ‘Hydrophobic shielding drives catalysis of hydride transfer in a family of F420H2-dependent enzymes’ in Biochemistry presents work done combining quantum mechanics and molecular dynamics calculations to study the catalytic mechanism of the activation ofContinue reading “More Papers in 2016”

In the media: breakthrough in blowfly resistance research

From ABC Rural: Australian researchers say a study on insecticide resistance in flies could save the sheep industry millions of dollars. Flies can become resistant to insecticides called organophosphates, making it harder for farmers to treat flystrike, where flies lay eggs in the sheep’s skin leading to a lingering and painful death if left untreated.Continue reading “In the media: breakthrough in blowfly resistance research”