(Australian Botanical Gardens, August 2019)


(Australian Botanic Garden, Jan 2019)

Colin Jackson Group 2018

(Coffee Grounds, Feb 2018)


(Australian National Botanic Gardens, November 2017)

jackson lab group picture
(Bungonia National Park, NSW, 2016)

Postdoctoral/Research Fellows & Research Assistants

Dr Matt Wilding

(Synthetic Biology Research Fellow)

Dr Nansook Hong

Dr Brendon Lee

Lynn Tan

Dr Adam Damry

PhD Students

Vanessa Vongsouthi

Thomas Brereton

Uthayasuriya Sundaramoorthy

Alden Christley-Balcomb

Matthew Spence

Joe Kaczmarski

James Antoney

Josh Mitchell

Suk Woo Kang

Cassidy Whitefield


Junming He

Honours Students

Jake Saunders

Mahakaran Sandhu

Isabel Karia

Hannah Bott

Michaela O’Meara (Wilding Group)

Former Members

Dr Livnat Afriat Jurnou

Dr Wiebke Knoll

Dr William Zhang

Peng Yuan

Dr Dongdi Li

Camilla Fisher

Nicholas Fraser

Dr Elena Sugrue

Dr Jason Whitfield (now at UQ)

Ellen Rykers

Janelle San Juan

Blair Ney

Thanavit Jirapanjawat

Dalton Ngu

Sarah Faulkner

Dr Ben Clifton (now at Affinity Bio, Melbourne)

Jen Xiang

Wuxing (Dom) Dong

Jules Kirk

 Dr Elaaf Mohamed

 Dr Peter Mabbitt (Now with Satpal Virdee, Dundee)

Paul Marshall

 Eleanor Campbell (now in Hollfelder Lab, Uni of Cambridge)

 Dr Hafna Ahmed (now at CSIRO, Black Mt.)

Tiffany Chau

Thomas Bruer

Davis Hopkins

Galen Correy (now in James Fraser Lab, UCSF)

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