We are interested in protein engineering, design and evolution. There are a number of research projects in the lab that you could be part of:

(1) Understanding the molecular basis of evolution through ancestral protein reconstruction, where we computationally predict the sequence of ancient proteins to understand how mutations have led to the multitude of functions we see today.

(2) Understanding the role of protein dynamics to function, especially in enzymes, and how this can be changed through evolution/engineering.

(3) The design and engineering of a new family of oxidoreductases for biocatalysts and use in the production of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

(4) The design and construction of new biosensors for neurotransmitters.

(5) Understanding the molecular basis of insecticide resistance and designing new pesticides.

(6) Computational design of new inhibitors for a drug target involved in cancer.

For more information, contact Colin –

Jackson Lab timelapse

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